Swell Reptiles Pro Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

A powerful reptile light reflector to get the most from your lighting setup

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  • A powerful dome reflector for reptile lighting
  • Built-in hook for easy installation
  • Comes in a range of sizes to suit all setups
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This dome reflector is a must for getting the most out of heat bulbs, it creates intense basking spots your pets will love.
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What is the Swell Reptiles Pro Deep Dome Lamp Fixture?

The Swell Reptiles Pro Deep Dome Lamp Fixture is designed to protect reptile lamps and increase efficiency. The deep dome extends to cover even the largest bulb, this reduces the chances of damage and ensures bulbs last for longer. The highly polished aluminium inside the dome reflects UVB and heat downwards, getting the most out of even the smallest bulb. The fitting has a 170cm cable with a switch on the cable to easily turn it on and off. We sell this dome in two sizes to be compatible with a wide range of bulbs.

What are the differences between the products in this range?

We sell two deep dome lamp fixtures in this range, a 14cm diameter one and a 21cm diameter one. The 14cm diameter one is better suited to smaller bulbs and heat fixtures, up to 100W, while the 21cm diameter fixture is ideal for everything from small, standard basking spot bulbs to large mercury vapour bulbs, up to 200W, that need a little more space. Depending on the type of bulb used, your fixtures may need to be teamed up with a suitable reptile thermostat to ensure the safety of your pet.

What bulbs is this fitting compatible with?

Both of the domes in this range have an ES screw fitting. They are not compatible with bayonet fittings, unless you have a converter such as the ProRep Bulb Converter. The 14cm diameter dome is compatible with bulbs up to 100W and the 21cm diameter dome is compatible with bulbs up to 200W.

Will this dome fit in my vivarium?

The smaller 14cm diameter dome measures 20cm in height while the larger 21cm diameter dome is 26cm tall. Depending on your pet and the distance you need the light to be from the floor of your enclosure you may need quite a tall vivarium to suitably house this dome. However, dome fittings are more commonly used for terrariums or tortoise tables where you can suspend the dome above the setup and will have plenty of space.

How do I install this reflector dome?

The Swell Reptiles reflector dome has a large stainless steel hook built into the frame that allows it to be easily hooked onto a screw on the side or ceiling of your enclosure for easy installation. Alternatively, you could also use a reptile lamp stand to suspend the fitting over a terrarium or tortoise table.

Why do I need an extra-long reflector dome?

Reptile lights produce heat and light in every direction however, you don't really need light and heat on the ceiling and walls of your enclosure. Reptile keepers fit their bulbs with a reflector dome to redirect the light down into their enclosure. The dome greatly increases UVB and heat output to your pet, creating an intense basking spot and allowing you to be much more efficient, using smaller, less energy-demanding bulbs for your setup.



Brand Swell Reptiles
Colour Black


Model SWLR0040 SWLR0041
Maximum Wattage 100W 200W
Dome diameter 14cm 21cm
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