Komodo Solar D3+ Bulb

D3 UVB basking bulb for tropical and desert reptiles

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  • D3 UVB basking bulb for terrariums and vivariums
  • Mercury vapour bulb producing both UVA and UVB
  • E27 screw cap fitting, available in a variety of Wattages
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These bulbs from Komodo are standard E27 screw fitting, so will fit in most holders, just check the relevant maximum wattage of your chosen holder. The UVA emitted by the bulb provides your reptile with the daylight and heat to keep them in the perfect conditions, and the UVB helps with their body producing and maintaining all the vitamins they require.

The great thing about Mercury Vapour Bulbs is that they provide everything for your chosen reptile, and are ideal for tortoises with open top enclosures, or very large environments. They provide the heat, light and UV that your reptile needs, giving them a great day and night cycle as well.

These bulbs cannot be used on thermostats, as it will effect the UVB output, but should be adjusted in height in order to dictate the temperature they create, making them higher to lower the temperature, or moving them closer to get it slightly hotter. Ideally these should be used in a range of 10 - 16" from the reptile, depending on the reptile and the wattage used.

Ideal for species such as tortoises, day geckos, uromastyx and chuckwallas. Be careful using these in standard vivariums though, as if they are too hot you cannot move them to lower the heat, so special care should be taken to check temperatures regularly. These are better for tall arboreal enclosures, where reptiles can move into the heat, for species that require it to be very hot, or for open top environments.

These aid in the prevention of MBD, whilst also contributing to hte overall health of your reptile by enabling vitamin D3 uptake whilst providing natural sunlight for your pet. These should ideally be refreshed every 6 - 9 months to ensure that the UVB output doesnt diminish too much, and come with a 3 month warranty on the bulb.

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