Zoo Med Paludarium Programmable Heater

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Zoo Med Programmable Heater is designed specifically to heat the water in your Paludarium or Aquatic Terrarium. To ensure that your water is at the ideal temperature for your aquatics pets to thrive.


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Product Information

Zoo Med Programmable Paludarium Heater will recreate the much warmer natural environment your semi-aquatic animals are used to. Keeping your fish or aquatic pets at the temperature they need to thrive, helps prevent loss of appetite due to cold water temperatures. To use, simply attach the heater to inside wall of your tank, using the enclosed suction cups, and plug in. The Paludarium Heater can be programmed to heat the water from 20-34°C.

Products Guarantee Wattage Heating Capacity Cable Length
Paludarium Heater 25 1 Year 25w Up to 7 gallons of water 3m/9.8"
Paludarium Heater 50 1 Year 50w Up to 15 gallons of water 3m/9.8"
Paludarium Heater 100 1 Year 100w Up to 30 gallons of water 3m/9.8"

Key Features:

  • Digital temperature display.
  • Fully submersible.
  • Auto shut off if removed from water.
  • Suction cup mounting.

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