Arcadia EarthPro Single Feeding Ledge

Make feeding time easier and simpler

At a glance...
  • Feeding ledge with suction cups
  • Fits and holds 1 jelly pot sized cup in place
  • Simple and transparent design
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The Arcadia EarthPro Single Feeding Ledge is an easy to clean accessory which makes feeding the all-natural range of EarthPro reptile diets quicker and simpler. This ledge fits the wider gecko feeding cups and is not compatible with jelly pots.

Each feeding ledge comes with strong suction cups, which allows you to secure and remove the ledge quickly and easily from your reptile's terrarium, and prevents your feeding cups from falling over and creating further mess. The simple and transparent design also means that this ledge will be less noticeable in your reptile's environment.

The EarthPro Feeding Ledge is also available in a double feeding ledge version, which holds up to two jelly pots.

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