Biorb AIR HumidiMist

Maintain the moisture in your BiOrb with this HumidiMist 4 pack

At a glance...
  • 4 pack of HumidiMist sprays for maintaining humidity
  • Specially formulated water designed for BiOrbs
  • Can be sprayed or added to BiOrb reservoir
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BiOrb AIR HumidiMist is a remineralised water that has been specially formulated with low conductivity and reduced mineral content, and designed for the BiOrb AIR terrariums. This purified water has a neutral pH and should be used to maintain the consistent moisture level within the terrarium, which still providing optimum clarity, so you can really enjoy the look of your AIR at all times.

This comes as 4x 500ml bottles, and just needs to be added to the HumidiMist reservoir, or can be sprayed manually around the terrarium or onto specific plants that require it.

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