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Exo Terra Riverbed Sand

Excellent substrate for aquatic Turtles

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  • Natural sand, no added dyes or chemicals
  • Creates a natural and attractive aquatic environment
  • Stimulates natural behavior
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Riverbed Sand is an ideal bedding for aquatic turtles and other reptiles and amphibians and is safe for them to ingest.

Soft-shell turtles in particular enjoy digging and burrowing in this sandy substrate.

Frogs and salamanders, will also be happy in the Riverbed Sand because of its softness, whereas a rough surface, such as gravel, can easily injure the skin tissue.

Riverbed Sand is very fine and can be ingested, unlike gravel or pebbles which can cause indigestion.

Created over time in an African river, this is a natural product, with no added chemicals, perfect for a semi-aquatic environment.

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