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A brand new magazine especially for Exotics Keepers, this new glossy monthly will provide you with lots of fresh articles, features and stories!


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Product Information

Available monthly, this new magazine offers you care guides, set up guides, information about Bioactive set ups - everything an Exotics Keeper could want to know about!

Seventh Edition includes (May):

  • Investigating reptiles in the Lazarus taxon, and their mysterious disappearances
  • Lampropeltis species, why are they overshadowed by Corn Snakes?
  • Hannah Rudd, marine biologist, explains the perils Sharks are facing
  • Monkey World talks trhough new legislation to protect primates
  • Plus news, spotlights, expert opinions and more!

Sixth Edition includes (April):

  • Dr Jonathon Howard (BeardieVet) discusses wild Dragons, and rethinking our favourite pets
  • Chester Zoo shares breakthroughs with Golden Mantellas
  • Celtic Reptile & Amphibian give an exclusive interview from a new generation of forward-thinking herpetologists
  • Dr David Pool (FishScience) discusses Cichlids

All profits made from this magazine go to Exotic Keepers Fund Charity, which has previously assisted with funding zoos and wildlife parks during the COVID19 crisis.

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