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Find a home for a giant Snail

Maybe one of the strangest and most unique pets, Snails are currently growing in popularity. While you might think of something about the size of a two-pound coin when you think of a Snail, there are some out there that are much bigger and they make incredible pets.

What are Snails?

Snails are a type of invertebrate that is characterised by a large gelatinous body and a shelled back. Snails are found on almost every continent, but the giant ones that are kept as pets are found near the equator in Africa. Snails are incredibly docile and quite cute making for a fun and interesting pet.

Why should I buy a Snail?

A Snail is an easy to manage pet with a relaxed nature that offers lots of interesting and cute behaviours. Most Snails can be handled with a little care and are a lot of fun to watch. Snails cost very little to set up and maintain, although they do eat and breed a lot so be prepared to always have some food at hand. Most Giant african land snails live 5-6 years but there have been reports of some living as long as 10 years, depending on health and lifestyle.

What are the main types of Snail?

While there are many species of Snails, the one most commonly kept as a pet is the Giant african land snail, sometimes called a GAL snail. Our stock of Snails rotates, depending on availability and demand, so it’s best to check this page to see what we have in stock.

What should I look for when purchasing a Snail?

If you would like to adopt a Snail you must first build a snail enclosure and photograph it. Once that is done, head down to the Swell Superstore where we will interview you and look at your enclosure photos to determine if you are ready to care for a Snail. We reserve the right to deny the adoption of any Snail to anyone we feel is unprepared to care for one. To help you get ready to care for a Snail we have lots of helpful products like enclosures, food and more.