Lucky Reptile Hatchbox Incubation Tray

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Lucky Reptile's innovative Hatchbox Incubation Tray enables you to incubate up to 12 eggs without substrate, directly over water. A more hygienic way to protect and incubate your eggs, reducing the risk of fungal infection.


  • Hatchbox Incubation Tray
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Product Information

Lucky Reptile's Hatchbox Incubation allows you to look after up to 12 eggs from laying to hatching. The eggs are suspended directly over water, without substrate, making the process much more hygienic than other methods and reducing the risk of fungal infection to your eggs.

The incubation box is 20cm x 11cm, made from sturdy, easy to clean plastic and includes a thermometer so that you can easily monitor the temperature of your eggs.

Fits nicely into the Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II.

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