White Python Egg Laying Hide

Durable reptile incubator for snakes and other reptiles to lay eggs in

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  • Two part egg-laying hide for snakes and other reptiles
  • Made from strong durable plastic
  • Creates a calm and dark environment
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A fantastic hide for snakes and reptiles during laying. Ideal for breeding.

What is White Python Egg Laying Hide?

White Python Egg Laying Hide is a specially designed reptile incubator for Corn snakes, Hognose snakes and King snakes. This egg-laying hide is the best way for you to allow your reptile eggs to develop healthily and fully. This White Python Egg Laying Hide is made from a smooth ABS black plastic top, which helps to keep your snake calm, safe and secure in a dark environment. With a clear plastic bottom, you can see your snake and eggs from both the front as well as underneath the hide. As a result of the unique design, there is no traditional hole shape in the lid, allowing your snake to easily enter and leave the hide.

What are the benefits of reptile incubators?

When snakes have a place to retreat, they will feel more secure in their surroundings and will be more inclined to practice their natural habits, such as lay eggs. To raise baby reptiles, you will need to use a reptile incubator. While a parent snake can warm its eggs in captivity, reptile incubators help eggs to develop as fast and as fully as possible. The White Python Egg Laying Hide also allows your snake to feel safe while laying and simultaneously allows you to view and access the eggs safely.

Do I need an incubation substrate for my egg-laying hide?

We recommend using an incubation substrate like vermiculite to support the healthy development of eggs into high yielding clutches. It’s great for increasing humidity without soaking the eggs since it retains a lot of moisture. Incubation substrates are also inert, they will not decay or mold.

Dimensions W: 22.1 x H:7.5 x D:15.5 cm
Material Plastic
Colour Black, clear
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