Lucky Reptile Multivit +D3

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Lucky Reptile Multivit +D3 features a broad range of vitamin supplements for your reptile, ensuring their diet is more well balanced. This version features a healthy emphasis of Vitamin D3, which is needed by your reptile to absorb calcium for healthy strong bones.


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In the wild, reptiles may get their D3 from the sun's rays, however in captivity this isn't always possible, and so you might need to use a food supplement like Lucky Reptile Mutlivit + D3 to give them the level of nutrition and D3 they require to live healthy lives.

Vitamin D3 is essential for the absorption of things like Calcium into your reptile's body, allowing them develop healthy and strong skeletons and joints to withstand life's little knocks. Without D3 and calcium, your reptile can really suffer from deformities.

Lucky Reptile Mutlivit +D3 not only features a great vitamin profile, it emphasises the levels of D3 in your reptile's diet, allowing them to put the calcium in the rest of their diet to good use.

Easy to apply, it can be sprayed onto your reptile's food, and sticks to it easily without putting your little friend off their favourite meal - just order some from Swell Reptiles at a low price and with Same-Day Despatch options when you order before 3pm weekdays, ensuring your reptile's diet is more complete for a healthy body.

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