Lucky Reptile Tropical Fruit Jam

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Lucky Reptile Tropical Fruit Jam is a convenient food for fruit and nectar eating lizards and invertebrates, giving them a healthy portion of their natural diet in an easy to use form.


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Product Information

An innovative reptile treat with juicy natural flavours, this Lucky Reptile Tropical Fruit Jam is perfect for fruit-loving reptiles like crested geckos and day geckos.

Each 100ml tube (much like a toothpaste tube) comes packed full of natural fruit puree mixed with bee pollen, honey and added fructose and glucose for added energy and taste. Its handy tube-dispenser format means that you can spread this reptile jam on leaves or branches easily for your reptile to find quickly and lick off - yummy!

Healthy, delicious and nutritious, your reptile will love being treated to this Topical fruit jam, available in Berry Mix or Mango and Banana flavours, and available from Swell Reptiles at a great price with fast delivery options.

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