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ProRep Green Jungle Spot Lamp

Simulate a forest dwelling reptile's natural habitat

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  • Green jungle spot lamp day-active species
  • Provides green colour UVA light and increases ambient air temperature
  • Available in a range of wattages and bulb fittings
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Pro Rep Green Jungle Spot Lamps simulate UVA rich sunlight in manner that resembles how it appears to your reptile after being filtered by the greenery in the rainforest canopy - green!

The green colour UVA light generated by this Jungle Spot Lamp helps to make your reptile feel more at home, as well as enhancing the overall look of your reptile's habitat, making it look even more like the real rainforest, right down to the lighting.

More importantly, it generates the heat your reptile needs to thermo-regulate, helping them perform their natural biological functions with ease, such as the digestion of food and the circulation of blood around their body.

As well as creating this hot spot for your reptile to bask under, it also helps to raise the ambient air temperature in your terrarium, ensuring your reptile is never too cold.

To get the most accurate results, like with any heat bulb, this ProRep Jungle Spot is best run with the use of a dimming thermostat, allowing the automated dimming and brightening of the bulb based on the terrarium temperature.

Colour Green
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