Arcadia Vivarium Compact Lamps

Designed specifically for small to medium sized vivariums

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  • Features UV-C blocking glass and a higher performance output
  • Offer a full spectrum UVB light
  • Complete with a flicker-free ballast
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Arcadia Vivarium Compact Lamps are among the best reptile lighting on the market and fantastic value. These all-new range included upgraded electronics, UV-C blocking glass, a higher performance output, all with the highest quality German materials.

These Compact bulbs use the latest High Output T5 technology to offer a full spectrum UVB light, complete with a flicker-free ballast, and suitable for use in both standard E27 screw fitting, as well as E26.

As with all compact bulbs, these should ideally be located horizontally over an enclosure, with the flat side of the glass point down, creating a suitable sunbathing area for reptiles. These are not as effective, and not really recommended, for holders which allow them to point downwards.

The 7% and 12% both come in a longer 23w, as well as a compact 13w Mini bulb as well, for Nano enclosure. The UV will be usable for 12 months, at which point the bulb should be replaced.

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