Repashy SuperCal NoD

A micro-fine calcium powder that is suitable for every day use

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  • Micro-fine Calcium Carbonate with no Vitamin D
  • Ideal for species with high UVB levels available
  • Suitable as a daily supplement on livefood or vegetation
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What is Repashy SuperCal NoD?

Repashy SuperCal NoD is a microfine calcium powder that is suitable for everyday use. This contains no added Vitamin D making it ideal for species that have daily exposure to natural sunlight or those with high UVB levels already.

Why should I buy this calcium powder?

The pure calcium carbonate of the Repashy SuperCal NoD is mined from the Mohave Desert and is micro-ground to around 3.5 microns in size, which means it is very efficient at sticking to insects when dusting.

How do I use this calcium powder?

This is best when used with every live food feeding, by simply dusting suitable insects before being fed to your reptile. The lifespan of this product can be extended by storing in the fridge. Repashy SuperCal NoD can also be used by sprinkling it over fresh vegetation as well, making it suitable for both herbivores and omnivores. This comes in an 85g tub, and the lifespan of this product can be extended by storing in the fridge. 



Calcium Carbonate.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture max. 6%, Calcium min. 30%.

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