Repashy Supervite 85g

Vitamin supplement for Dart Frogs and other amphibians

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  • Nutrient supplement for Dart Frogs and other amphibians
  • Food addition or livefood dusting
  • Contains high levels vitamins A, D and E
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Repashy Supervite is a world-class reptile food supplement from the experts at Repashy, intended for use to give dart frogs a more complete vitamin profile in their food.

It features sources of vitamin A, D and E supplements as well as a host of other essential or helpful nutrients to help ensure the overall health and wellbeing of your dart frog, allowing them to get the best out of life.

Repashy Supervite can be used as an insect duster for insect eating varieties of frog, and either by itself or alongside other Repashy formulas.

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