Repashy Superveggie 84g

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Repashy Superveggie is a complete calcium supplement for herbivorous reptiles that boosts their nutrient intake to help balance out their diet. It features a large quantity of calcium, needed for strong bones and shells, helping them form healthier bodies.


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Product Information

Reptiles need plenty of calcium to keep their bones in working order, and often don't get enough in their diet, unless you supplement their food with something like Repashy Superveggie - it's a calcium supplement for herbivore and omnivores like your reptile!

Not only does it have plenty of calcium in it, but it's ingredients also include other essentials like vitamins, carotenoids and trace minerals that keep your reptile's body functioning at its best, allowing them to stay happy, healthy and active.

With Repashy Superveggie formula there is no need for a separate vitamin supplement. Simply toss it over your reptile's vegetables like a salad dressing, allowing them to gain the enriched supplements through their natural feed!

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