Reptile Claw Clippers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Claw Clippers

Keep your pet’s claws in check

In the wild, many reptiles will wear down their claws as they scramble across large patches of land filled with rocks. To help keep your reptiles claws in check while in captivity we created a range of reptile claw clippers from top brands like Komodo.

What are reptile claw clippers?

Reptile claw clippers are a special pair of scissors designed to help cut reptile claws to a suitable length. In the wild, reptiles would normally wear down their claws, but they are unlikely to do this in captivity so a reptile keeper must clip their claws to avoid damage from overgrowth. The claw clippers work just like scissors and are suitable for many medium and large reptiles.

Why should I buy reptile claw clippers?

If you own a reptile with claws then you need to buy reptile claw clippers. If left unchecked, reptile claws will grow too large and can even harm the reptile itself. Claw clippers don’t cost much and should last for years, even longer with regular sharpening.

What should I look for?

There’s not too much to think about when it comes to claw clippers, but if you need help handling your reptile while you use the claw clippers you might want to try reptile tongs or gloves.