Crickets are notoriously jumpy little guys, and this means your reptile will have a little bit of a challenge to catch them, keeping their senses sharp, reflexes heightened and allowing them to be at their happiest while exhibiting their natural hunting instincts.

Order your livefood, available in various sizes and packages, before 1pm and our suppliers will despatch the order the same day, meaning your rep could be tucking into a fresh batch of crickets by the next working day!

At Swell, we sell two different kinds of Crickets:

  • Black Field Crickets: Great, meaty livefood, complete with natural chirp!
  • Silent Brown Crickets: A little less nutritious than their field cricket counterparts, but without the chirp!

Once you know your reptile is one that can safely be fed livefood, grab a box and give it a go. If your reptile loves them (we think thats pretty likely!), grab a bulk bag the next time to get even more for your money.