Swell Coir Peat Discs

Give your reptile live plants the best start in life

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  • Coir peat discs, planting substrate for reptile terrariums
  • Just add water to create a rich planting soil
  • Six 75mm discs in each pack
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This pack of 6 compact Coir Peat Discs are ideal for live planting within your rain forest enclosure, each measuring around 8 - 10cm in diameter, around 1cm in height. Compacted down, these discs are ideal for potting live plants, just soak in a small amount of water to break down the disc and provide fresh Coir soil, with the perfect amount for repotting or installing plants initially.

These will be ideal for use alongside our Swell Planting Backgrounds, with a disc in the plant holder to provide optimum substrate for your plants to really thrive within your enclosure, and comes as a pack of 6 discs. If needed, you can easily break these discs down to soak a smaller amount as needed.

Coir is perfect for plants, but also great to add to substrate to help boost humidity levels, with this holding water really well to provide a steady and stable humidity levels.

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