Swell Crested Gecko Starter Kit - Gold

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Swell Crested Gecko Starter Kit provides the very best equipment for the serious Crestie keeper. The Gold Kit offers everything you need to look after your reptile in the long term including a tank and the requisite heating, lighting and decoration. Our Kits come with low level UVB source, which is proven to help with the health of your pet.


  • Crested Gecko Starter Kit Gold
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Product Information

The Swell Crested Gecko Kit Gold allows you to brilliantly replicate the New Caledonian jungles that the Crestie calls home.

The kit includes a top of the range glass terrarium with two bulbs to give the kind of gentle light that a rainforest creature expects. The coverage of the branches in the jungle prevents the sun from glaring through.

To create the humdity that is required we also include an easy to use sprayer that is perfect for creating the right habitat, as well as a thermometer and humidity gauge for you to read it accurately.

To make a jungle environment your Crestie will love the best natural and artificial decor including jungle vines and plastic plants. For the substrate we have provided a soil brick and also orchid layer to go on the top of that, all of which will help with the humidity and allow the environment to be as natural as possible.

Best of all we even include some of the very best CrestedGecko food from Repashy!

The kit includes:

  • Glass Terrarium 45 x 45 x 60cm
  • Heat Mat and Thermostat
  • Canopt and UVB Bulbs
  • Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Spray Bottle
  • Repashy Crested Gecko Food
  • Orchid and Soil Substrate
  • Gecko Dish
  • Jungle Vines
  • Hanging Plants

Items shown in image are not specific and are just a representation of this kits contents.

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    Swell Crested Gecko Starter Kit Gold
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