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Get 10% OFF Swell own brand products with code: EASTERSWELL >

Swell Livefood Supplement Kit

Keep your live food in the best condition

At a glance...
  • A bundle of everything you need to keep your live food in top condition
  • Includes bug grub, bug gel, Calcium and Multivitamin supplements
  • Great savings on buying in a kit
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What is the Swell Livefood Supplement Kit?

A great little kit of equipment to help keep your live food in the best condition, meaning you pass on the best nutrition to your reptiles. 

This kit includes:

  • Swell Multivitamin 125g
  • Swell Calcium Powder with Vitamin D3 125g
  • Swell Bug Grub 300g
  • Pro Rep Bug Gel 500ml

What is Swell Multivitamin?

Swell Multivitamin provides a comprehensive and complete multivitamin for your reptile that’s coated in pure calcium carbonate. Available in a 125g resealable tub, this reptile vitamin and mineral supplement can be used on vegetation, live insects or fruit. Swell calcium supplements are suitable for all reptiles and amphibians. It contains the optimum blend of vitamins to promote bone growth, a healthy immune system, plus vibrant eyes and skin.

What is Swell Calcium Powder with Vitamin D3?

Swell Calcium Powder with Vitamin D3 provides the essential calcium intake needed for your reptiles, preventing many bone deficiencies. This calcium supplement is available as a 125g resealable tub to make supplementing your reptiles easy. It comes in a micro-particle size to ensure optimal calcium absorption and excellent adhesion to plants and insects. Swell Calcium Powder with Vitamin D3 is ideal for those reptiles without an extra D3 source, such as UVB lighting, ensuring they’re able to get the perfect balance they require.

What is Swell Premium Bug Grub?

Swell Premium Bug Grub is a bran-based food that will keep your crickets, mealworms and locusts healthy. Best of all, because it is an own brand product as part of Swell's brand match, you have the quality - while also saving money when compared to big-name brands. As well as the bran, Swell Bug Grub also includes the same calcium, protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin D3 And vitamin E that is found in more expensive products by the big name brands.

What is ProRep Bug Gel?

ProRep Bug Gel is the easy and safe way to give your crickets, locusts or any other live food feeder-insects the level of hydration they require to stay healthy for your reptile. Due to their small size and communal living arrangements, feeder insects are at risk of drowning when given water in normal liquid form. ProRep Bug Gel contains pure water in a polyacrylamide gel, your bugs can not get trapped and drown. Place a little in a shallow dish in their enclosure and watch the insects drink it safely. Replace daily if uneaten as it will degrade when in contact with the air.

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