Swell Mini Hand Sprayer

Pick up a hand water spray to give your reptile the moisture they need

At a glance...
  • Water bottle and sprayer for adding moisture to habitats
  • 500ml capacity will last for several days of reptile keeping
  • Can also be used to encourage shedding or drinking behaviours
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Our Swell Reptiles Mini Hand Sprayer holds 500ml of water, and allows you to add moisture to your environment, and therefore increase the humidity, which is great for rainforest species, such as Chameleons, Frogs or many Geckos.

The nozzle is adjustable to get the perfect spray, from a direct spout to a broad fine mist, and the unit is compact and lightweight, and easy to discretely hide away when not in use. It has a simple trigger handle, and can be used over a small area, or a larger one if required.

At a glance:

  • Ideal for easy misting of your terrarium
  • Can be used to maintain constant air humidity, or just as a top up.
  • 500ml capacity
  • Can be used to encourage shedding
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