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Swell Reptile Waterfall with pump - Sandstone

A decorative fountain that doubles as a reptile waterfall

At a glance...
  • Waterfall with pump included for water circulation
  • Features large pool, great for reptile hydration
  • Natural sandstone design blends into most decor
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This is a great way to get my reptiles interested in drinking and bathing.

What is a Swell Reptiles Sandstone Waterfall?

Swell Reptiles Sandstone Waterfall is an impressive water feature and source of drinking water for your reptile. The reptile fountain's constant movement and water circulation is ideal for encouraging drinking behaviours and keeping your reptile hydrated. Unlike other terrarium waterfalls, this model is very easy to set up and requires little assembly, making it a great centrepiece for novice reptile keepers.

Why should I buy a Swell Reptiles Sandstone Waterfall?

Apart from looking stunning with a stable and compact design, the Swell Reptiles Sandstone Waterfall has a lot of benefits. By constantly moving the water it helps to gently increase the humidity within your terrarium to something more familiar to most reptiles. Running water is also important to your reptile’s instincts as it can help them to determine that the water is safe to drink and offer them a continuous supply of hydration.

Why is aerated drinking water important and how do reptiles recognise stagnant water?

In the wild, many reptiles will avoid drinking water that isn’t moving as it is more likely to be stagnant and contain harmful bacteria. This can sometimes stop reptiles from drinking out of water bowls or any other container. Running water and water circulation is a sign to your reptiles that they are safe to drink and so it is key to have continuously flowing water within your enclosure to encourage their natural drinking behaviour.

Can I use tap water in my reptile waterfall?

Yes, you can use tap water in your terrarium waterfall and most reptiles can drink it. However, some specific species of reptiles and amphibians need the necessary beneficial bacteria found in untreated water and so will need a water treatment added to tap water before they drink it. It's also important that you look out for decaying waste and organic waste in and around your waterfall. If you find waste in your waterfall you will need to give the entire structure a clean and change the water completely. Thanks to the fully encased water tank, there is no other way for waste to enter the waterfall.

Is a reptile waterfall suitable for my pet?

While the idea of a waterfall may conjure images of water tumbling in a furious deluge, reptile waterfalls are far calmer and much safer. Except for some very small reptiles and hatchlings, most humidity-loving reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates should find this waterfall suitable.







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