The Spider Shop Magnetic Jumper Nest

Easy to attach nests for your jumping spiders

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  • Perfect for all of your jumping spiders
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Magnetic and easy to attach to any terrarium
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What is The Spider Shop Jumper Nest?

The Spider Shop Jumper Nests are a silkworm cocoon style nest which come with magnets to be magnetised to both acrylic and plastic terrariums, for quick and easy installation. They come as a pack of 2, so are great value for money, and provide shelter especially for jumping spiders to hide away.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a pack of 2
  • Great for jumping spiders
  • Comes with magnets for easy installation
  • Can be used in most terrarium types
  • Provides a suitable hiding space
  • Perfect for climbing on

Why should I buy this Nest?

All spiders require an adequate hiding place, as they can face stress and need somewhere they can shelter away and rest. If you are breeding these spiders, they will often lay eggs in nested hiding places, where they know it will be safe. The Spider Shop Jumper Nest is a great addition to your spider's enclosure, providing them with the security of a hiding place whilst being easy to mount and remove whenever necessary, like during routine cleaning or moving your spider to a new vivarium. Jumping Spiders in the wild will sleep in silk nests, which provides them with a sense of security, meaning this Jumper Nest will make your spider feel secure and comfortable.

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