The Spider Shop Rainforest Tarantula Substrate

A great substrate for moist tarantula terrariums and habitats

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  • High-quality substrate for rainforest terrariums
  • Soft organic matter allowing natural burrowing
  • Rich, mould-resistant substrate
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The Rainforest Tarantula substrate from The Spider Shop is has been specifically developed for tropical species of Tarantula that prefer a high humidity level such as Avicularia or Pokies.

This is designed to hold water more, whilst still allowing for natural burrowing, providing a higher and more stable humidity level. Still maintaining a mould resistance, this rich substrate is perfect for Asian arboreals, and South American terrestrial species, mimicking a natural rainforest environment.

This replication of a natural environment means that Tarantulas tend to display more natural behaviours within their enclosure, and have reduced stress too.

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