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Create a spectacular invertebrate terrarium

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  • A mix of insect-friendly decor for your terrarium
  • Different varieties for different habitats
  • Naturally sourced decor including live moss
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Available in four diffferent options, the Decor Kits from The Spider Shop provide a mixture of natural decoration that suits your particular style or species habitat. Contents can vary slightly box to box, as they are all comprised of natural pieces, but will contain a selection of relevant pieces for that chosen style.

Available in Jungle or Desert, as well as Mantis specific box and Lichen Moss option, these are full with relevant decoration to ensure a perfectly themed set up, that is natural for you chosen habitat.

What can you expect inside?

  • The Desert Box contains arid decoration, such as Cork Bark, Rose of Jericho plant, dried roots and vines and more
  • The Jungle Box includes rainforest/jungle esq items, such as Lotus Pods, Chapeuzinho Pods and Trumpet Pods, as well as Cork Bark and Lichen
  • The Mantis Box includes stems, vines and leaves, all designed to aid in the natural climbing and hiding of Mantids.
  • The Lichen Box is packed with sticks, twigs and logs with Lichen, ideal for packing out larger areas, such as Day Gecko enclosures
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