Lucky Reptile Life Experience Decor Jungle

Natural decor for rainforest, jungle or bioactive terrariums

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  • A selection of natural decor for jungle terrariums
  • Includes twigs, bark, mosses, and wood
  • Each set is completely unique
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Attractive deco sets with a great selection of natural decor that mimics your reptile’s natural environment.

What is Lucky Reptile Life Experience Decor Jungle?

Lucky Reptile Life Experience Decor Jungle is a mixture of natural and suitable decoration for any rainforest, jungle and bioactive habitat. Ideal for small nano terrariums and other size enclosures, this natural decor box features small twigs, wood, pieces of bark and mosses. As natural products vary in size, each box of Lucky Reptile Decor Jungle is completely unique.

What are the benefits of adding natural decor to your terrarium?

Many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates will respond well to natural decor as they feel like part of their native habitat. Natural decor like moss will increase humidity and house custodians. It’s a great way to add enrichment to your enclosure and will also add oxygen to your terrarium. Bark and twigs promote natural den building and digging behaviour while also providing a natural feel and hiding places to any exotic pet’s environment.

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