Vetark Critical Care Formula

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When your reptile gets ill, sometimes you have to take fast action. Keep some Vetark Critical Care Formula to hand and it might just save the day, helping them through a bad time.


  • Critical Care Formula 150g
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Product Information

Vetarks Critical Care formula is perfect for nursing your reptile back to health after sickness or operations. While you should always consult your vet on their dietary needs when ill, it's a pretty safe bet to say that your reptile can benefit their recovery with a few does of Vetark CCF.

Made from Corn Starch, it features a protein concentration similar to that of an egg, packed with amino acids and other healthy nutrients to get your reptile back to their cheerful self.

It is used in the same way that a baby's formula milk is used - just make it up from its' powder form and otherwise it will remain fine when stored for months at a time in a sealed container.

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