Vetark Tamodine E

Keep your terrarium and reptile equipment clean and hygienic

At a glance...
  • Reptile safe disinfectant for terrarium equipment
  • Long-lasting 250ml bottle
  • Colour-marker makes cleaning easy to see
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Vetark Tamodine E is the perfect way to fully disinfect your vivarium to ensure brilliant hygiene both at home or for breeders and vets. The distinct deep-brown iodophore solution has a built-in colour-marker making it easier to ensure your vivarium has been fully cleaned by allowing you to see where has been treated and that the solution has been completely washed off. In a solution made up for washes or dips it loses its colour as it becomes inactive.


  • Wash with a solution of 45ml / 10 litres of water. For porous or heavily soiled surfaces use 90ml /10 litres of water.
  • For reptile tongs, tweezers and snake hooks etc: Wash in a solution of 30-45ml/10 litres of warm water. For simply a sanitising rinse, use a solution of 15ml/10 litres of water and immerse for at least two minutes.
  • In animal accommodation or dishes ensure the Tamodine E is wiped or rinsed off after cleaning.

At a glance:

  • Suitable for general vivarium disinfection
  • Built-in colour-marker means easy to see cleanings
  • Loses colour when it becomes inactive in a made-up solution
  • Ideal for use both at home and for breeders or vets
  • Do not use for amphibia
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