Vetark Calci-Dust

Superfine high calcium powder for livefood supplementing

At a glance...
  • Pure natural calcium compound
  • 400mg calcium per gram
  • Ideal for using on vegetation, fruit, and mealworms
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What is Vetark Calci-Dust?

Vetark Calci-Dust is a pure and natural calcium that offers 400mg of calcium per gram. This superfine powder is ideal for dusting on any items, such as vegetation, fruit or live food. Ideally used alongside Vetark Nutrobal for the perfect supplemental regime.

Key Features:

  • 400mg calcium per gram
  • Superfine powder for optimum coverage
  • Ideal to use alongside Vetark Nutrobal
  • Pure calcium carbonate

How do I use Vetark Calci-Dust?

The Vetark Calci-Dust should ideally be used alongside the Vetark Nutrobal supplement, providing the perfect all round health supplement across the week. This can be used on any food items, such as vegetables, fruit or any live food choice. It is best to use around 1 pinch (1/8th of a teaspoon) per kilo of animal that requires supplementation.

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