Vetark Nutrobal

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Vetark Nutrobal is a reptile food supplement that gives your pet a huge boost of essential vitamins and minerals. A popular choice with Swell Reptile's customers, you can grab a tub for a smaller price here at Swell. With 4 sizes to choose from, we can cater to everyones needs.


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Product Information

Give your insect-eating reptile an essential boost of Calcium in the form of the ever-popular Vetark Nutrobal, and save money by buying from Swell Reptiles too!

Most reptiles need a hefty supply of absorbable calcium in their diet to grow healthy skeletal structures, and this can be difficult to get into a completely natural diet - instead, you can supplement their livefood insects with Nutrobal - simply dust your crickets or locusts with this handy supplement, featuring extra vitamins and minerals also required by your reptile to help them get on better with a healthy body.

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