VivExotic Viva Cabinet Large Black

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Get your matching Viva Cabinet Large Black45" by VivExotic at the best possible price from Swell Reptiles, putting your beautifully made extra large viv in full glorious show to any visitors.


  • Viva Cabinet Large Black
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Product Information

VivExotic Viva Cabinets are a stylish new vivarium cabinet designed to fit perfectly with your Viva vivarium. This model is an improved black finish, a stylish looking rich wood. This can be used with both the Terrestrial or Arboreal range of large vivariums.

The Viva Cabinets are a vast improvement on the old VivExotic vivarium cabinets. Whereas the previous cabinets were more like a stand with doors, these are a true cabinet, raised off the floor with legs. The vivarium no longer overhangs the cabinet on either side, making your setup look much more stylish.

The colour shades of beech, oak and walnut have also been refined, giving a more classy look to the wood. They also have new handles and fittings and will fit any of the Viva range. Whereas before the terrestrial and arboreal vivs needed different cabinets these ones are also standardised.

All cabinets are supplied without a top panel to accommodate your vivarium and the easy-to-assemble cabinets include an internal shelf so you can store your decor and accessories. The cabinets have smart silver handles which perfectly match the aluminium vents on the vivariums.


115cm (45")49cm (19")64.5cm (25")

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