Zoo Med Paludarium Filter

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Zoo Med Paludarium Filter for Aquatic Animals is perfect for aquatic terrariums and paludariums to provide clean, clear water for up to 38 litres and 76 litres. Never worry about dirty water again!


  • Paludarium Filter 10 Gallons
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  • Paludarium Filter 20 Gallons
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Product Information

Zoo Med Paludarium Filters are discrete, fully-submersible corner filters which keep your Paludarium water perfectly clean. There are two filters available which provide sufficient filtration for Paludarium water features up to 10 gallons/38 litres (CZP001) or 20 gallons/76 litres (CZP002).

ProductGuaranteePaludarium CapacityMax Flow RateCable Length
Paludarium Filter 10 Gallons1 Year10 gallons / 38 litres40gph3m / 9.8"
Paludarium Filter 20 Gallons1 Year20 gallons / 76 litres60gph3m / 9.8"

Key Features:

  • Easy to open door, so you can clean filter cartridges without removing the main filter from water. You can order replacement filter cartridges here.
  • Spray bar included.
  • Fully submersible low-profile filter.
  • Adjustable dial to control flow rate.
  • Can be mounted horizontally for lower profile tanks or vertically in the corner.
  • Outflow arm can be rotated 90°.

Cleaning: Rinse sponge material as needed or at least every 3 weeks. If the water flow decreases substantially, then it is time to clean the filter sponge.

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