Zoo Med Paludarium Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Zoo Med Replacement Filter Cartridges for the Zoo Med Paludarium Filter to help keep your Paludarium or Aquatic Terrarium water clean and clear.


  • Replacement Filter Cartridge 10 Gallons
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  • Replacement Filter Cartridge 20 Gallons
    code: CZP012 In Stock (Only 7 left!)

Product Information

The Zoo Med Paludarium Filter has an easy open door so you can easily clean and replace filter cartridges without even removing the main filter from the water.

Key Features:

  • Removes dirt and debris from your Paludarium.
  • Improves water clarity.
  • Easy to clean/reusable.
  • Activated carbon included.

Instructions: Unplug your filter and open the door to access the cartridge. Remove the fouled cartridge and replace with this new one.

Cleaning: Rinse sponge material as needed or at least every 3 weeks. If the water flow decreases substantially, then it is time to clean the filter sponge.

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