Zoo Med Repti Shelter

Used as a cosy hide, an egg laying or shedding/micro climate cave

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  • 3-in-1 hide for reptiles
  • Made from inert resin to protect your reptile
  • Provides the most natural environment and promotes instinctive behaviours
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Zoo Med Repti Shelter is great for geckos, anoles, small skinks and snakes - the largest model is even suitable for Royal pythons.

This dark grey, rock effect shelter performs 3 tasks in just one product:

  • Cozy hide.
  • Egg laying cave.
  • Shedding/micro climate cave.

The unit has holes that smaller reptiles can clamber in to rest and shelter. Pack it with some substrates to increase humidity for optimum benefits.

Providing the most natural environment promotes instinctive behaviours such as shedding and laying eggs and as a result, a happier reptile.The shelter lid can be removed to check on shedding or sleeping pets without disturbing them too much.

Made from ceramic material, it is easily cleaned yet sturdy and safe for use with reptiles.


Small RC30 - 6" (15cm)

Medium RC31 - 8" (20cm)

Large RC32 - 12" (30cm)

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