Zoo Med Turtleclean Deluxe Replacement Filters

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Zoo Meds Turtleclean Deluxe Filters are perfect for keeping your tank in top condition, but the filters will need replacing, especially as turtles can be so dirty.


  • Turtleclean 10 Replacement Filter
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  • Turtleclean 20 Replacement Filter
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Product Information

The Zoo Med Turtleclean 10 and 20 each have the easy door open for changing filter cartridges, so you don't have to remove the whole filter every time. Just replace the filter as needed, to ensure that any dirt and debris is being efficiently cleaned out of your tank.

For prolonged life, periodically clean out the sponges gently, in a bucket of old tank water. Never put these sponges under the tap. Wash and replace as needed.

Available in Deluxe 10 and Deluxe 20 versions.

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