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Reptile Supplies

  • Exo Terra Incubator
    The Exo Terra Reptile Incubator is designed to cool itself when it reaches...
    RRP £209.99   SAVE £114.99
  • F10 Hand Scrub - 500ml
    F10 Hand Scrub is a general purpose hygiene soap used when handling...
    RRP £11.99   SAVE £2.99
  • Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator
    The Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator is a striking and fun new design and is...
    RRP £89.99   SAVE £40.99
  • Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II - Incubator
    Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II - Incubator has a built in thermostat - and...
    RRP £163.39   SAVE £43.40
  • Swell Egg Incubator
    The Swell Egg Incubator can be used to incubate eggs for a wide range of...
    RRP £121.99   SAVE £56.99
  • Swell Premium Vermiculite Coarse
    Vermiculite is the perfect substrate for incubation substrate for snakes...
  • Swell Premium Vermiculite Fine
    Vermiculite is the perfect substrate for incubation substrate for snakes...
  • Zoo Med ReptiBator
    The ReptiBator Incubator gives breeders complete temperature and humidity...
    RRP £194.99   SAVE £94.99

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  • Reptile Dinner Time Reptile Dinner Time - 31st March, 2014

    An important part of reptile care is ensuring that your pet eats the right food for them. Whether your beardie is scoffing some locusts, your tortoise is chewing on some greens, or your snake is devouring a mouse whole, your reptile enjoying a good ...

  • Happy International Women's Day, Humans and Reptiles! Happy International Women's Day, Humans and Reptiles! - 10th March, 2014

    On Saturday 8th March, people across the world celebrated International Women's Day. Here at Swell we wanted to celebrate too, so we asked our reptile loving friends on social media to send over photos of their beloved female exotic pets! H...

  • How to set up a vivarium - 4th March, 2014

    A suitable vivarium set up is probably the most important thing to take into account when bringing a reptile, amphibian or exotic pet into your home.  It's important to recreate a reptile's natural environment as closely as possible in...

  • Service
    16th January 2014
    I just wanted to thank you very much for your excellent customer service with regards to the prob...

  • delivery service
    21st November 2013
    Order placed Sunday night. Dispatched Monday. Arrived first thing Tuesday. BRILLIANT !! Thanks fo...

  • Mrs Julie Wildman
    13th September 2013
    Just like to say thank you for a prompt and efficient service would certainly recommend this comp...

  • delivery
    6th September 2013
    I'd like to thank you for my recent order of a cabinet and some cricket stuff. Very fast deliver...


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