Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp

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Made the most of your compact reptile heating using this Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp, furnished on the inside with material that reflects the energy created by your lamp back down, giving your reptile an increased dose for better health.


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Product Information

Thanks to their years of expertise, Arcadia's Clamp Lamp is an ideal piece of kit for any tortoise table or vivarium, as Arcadia have also included fittings to attach to a wooden vivarium. The clamp lamp has a multi directional clamping mechanism, so it can be angled to suit your reptile's needs.

Light is reflected back via the high quality reflective aluminium dome, and creates an intense light beam without wasting any energy. This creates an area of intense heat that your pet can bask in to his heart's content.

Because the Clamp Lamp is available in two sizes, 5.5" and 8", it is suitable for larger tortoise tables. The smaller 140mm/5.5" is suitable for lamps below 150 watts, though can only fit Mercury Vapour Bulbs of up to 80w. The larger 200mm size can take higher wattages up to 250w and up to 160w for Mercury Vapour Bulbs.

For added safety the Clamp Lamp has a removable mesh cover that will prevent your pet from burning, and protect you as you carry out maintenance or handle your reptile. All the fittings you need are included, so you can quickly and easily attach this to your housing unit.

The lamp works well with the Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamp. However, please note that if a mercury bulb is used, it must be positioned vertically to work. Or, if you wish to angle the lamp, consider a Sun Glo tight beam bulb.

Key Features:

  • Available in two sizes; 140mm and 200mm
  • Focus light using the reflective domed surface
  • Detachable mesh guard for added safety
  • Power switch on the cable
  • Ceramic
  • Multi way clamp mechanism for added convenience
  • Full fittings including fixing kit for wooden vivariums


  • 140mm/ 5.5" in diameter, 220-240v, E27
  • 200mm/8" in diameter, 220-240v, E27

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