January Facebook competition: First place

1st Place: £50 credit, the long awaited moment has arrived! We are pleased to announce that first place goes to…

Chloe Brooker – White Tree Frog.

These incredible creatures are a more unusual pet but with such a winning smile, it’s difficult to know why they aren’t more popular. Although known as White Tree Frogs, they can actually become a lot darker, looking more brown in colouration, which can be put down to temperature and humidity variations in their tank. These frogs tend to be quite calm, and are more active during the night.

Other names for this species include “Dumpy Tree Frog” or “Smiling Frog”, due to their tubby, happy faces which can often be seen around their habitat. On the topic of habitat, this should ideally be an arboreal terrarium with plenty of branches, vines and planted decor and ideally live plants. Live plants will help with to maintain the humidity of their environment whilst also keeping the air fresh and encouraging good ventilation.

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