Habistat Antiseptic Hand Soap

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This great new hand soap from HabiStat is perfect for keeping you safe between and after handling your reptiles. This is a handy pump bottle that is great to use, and will ensure you can keep clean and safe between handling, preventing the spread of diseases.


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Product Information

This is a hospital grade liquid soap, which includes mild detergent, aromatic oils, and also emollients, which are designed to prevent skin from drying out from multiple uses like some alcohol based soaps can do. This non-corrosive and non-irritant soap is best used directly on the skin, including on cuts and grazes, where infection could have gotten in. It has powerful bactericides, so is effective against bacteria and fungi, and comes in an easy pump bottle so can easily replace normal soaps.

Apply this product liberally and rub thoroughly across the hands, then rinse and dry hands. Combined with other items from the range, this will allow you to keep safe whilst handling reptiles.

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