HabiStat Standard 4ft Black Vivarium

A fantastic large black vivarium for your juvenile Bearded dragon

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  • Large black vivarium for juvenile Bearded dragons
  • Easy to assemble flat-pack kit
  • Made from durable melamine and toughened glass
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Create the ideal enclosure for a young Beardie or adult Corn snake in this large and spacious terrarium.

What is a HabiStat Standard 4ft Black Vivarium?

The Habistat Standard 4ft Black Vivariums are fantastic reptile vivariums, ideal for housing juvenile Bearded dragons and smaller reptiles. The enclosures offer a safe and secure home for your reptiles and exotic pets as they are made from 18mm thick melamine, for enhanced durability, and toughened glass doors. The vivariums also have a bunch of helpful features, including the new HabiStat large vent and the offset ventilation holes in the rails for the smooth sliding glass doors.

These vivariums come in either an oak or black finish. This model has a black finish, which offers a more subtle look that draws attention to the interior of your vivarium. On the other hand, we also offer an oak finish, which has an overall more natural appearance and enhances the decor in your vivarium. Both finishes will look incredible as either a stand-alone display or part of a stack. The HabiStat Standard 4ft Black Vivarium is delivered flat-packed and is easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and an included Allen key.

What are the features of this vivarium?

This vivarium has been designed to make reptile keeping easier than ever before. The front of this 4ft vivarium features large rails with built-in offset ventilation holes to ensure air is circulated correctly. These rails also conceal the top or bottom of your enclosure, hiding lighting equipment and substrate from view. Moving to the back panel of the unit, there is a large HabiStat Vent with pre-drilled cable access points that make cable management simple. Finally, the glass doors are tested to a glass Kite Mark BS6206A standard to ensure they are suitable for use under reptile heating lamps.

Please note: The Repti-Home range of vivariums is not compatible with the Viva+ range of cabinets



Brand HabiStat
Dimensions 122x46x46cm
Colour Black
Weight 32.5kg
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