HabiStat Dimming Day/Night - Built in Night Eye Classic

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The HabiStat Dimming Day and Night Thermostat has a built in Night Eye, meaning you can control your reptile enclosure perfectly, giving it the ideal temperatures at all times of the day, an essential part of keeping your pet happy and healthy.


  • Dimming Day/Night - Built in Night Eye Classic - Black
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Product Information

This Thermostat with built in Night Eye is a dimming thermostat, meaning that it controls a visual light bulb by dimming the power to control the temperature that it puts out. This comes with a 1.5m long sensor lead, so will fit almost every set up.

The night time temperature can be set between 3°c and 12c lower that whatever the day time temperature has been set to, which is all done automatically due to the Night Eye. This means that temperatures are regulated and uniform, whilst still providing the day and night cycle variances that are natural to most reptiles.

The simple to use system has two dials to set the day time and night time temps, so they are easily visible and adjustable as required, meaning you get exactly what you wanted.

In order to vary between the day and night, there is a forth probe included, which detects the night time, and adjusts the temperatures to suit that, so there is no manual work required.

How The Indicator Lights Work:

  • Yellow - Indicates that the night time temperature is in operation. When off, this indicates that the day temperature setting is in operation.
  • Red - Indicates that power is being provided to the heater.
  • Green - Indicates the unit has power.

Available in Black and White.

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