Habistat H2O Balls insect hydration

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Habistat H2O Balls insect hydration are the perfect way to keep your livefood insects hydrated, without the risk of drowning that comes with giving them large quantities of liquid water. These balls break down easily, hydrating your livefood and keeping it nutritious for your reptile.


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Product Information

Ensure your feeder insects are well hydrated, meaning they are more nutritious for your reptile by feeding them these Habistat H2O Balls - the safe way to give your livefood like crickets and locusts their water.

Habistat H2O Balls are consistent simply of water, and Anionic Polycrylamide - forming tiny gel balls which can be eaten by your bugs to give a safe way to drink their water - much safer than a water bowl which can prove to be a serious drowning hazard for your bugs.

Available in 4 fun colours, just place a quantity on a dish for your bugs and let them chow-down in a way that won't lose you any insects.

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