Habistat Virucidal Cleaner and Deodouriser Ready to Use

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A ready to use spray that both cleans and deodourises as well, keeping your pet enclosure safe and clean, and smelling fresh! This comes in two bottle sizes, 250ml or 500ml, and is premixed so you don't have worry about working out dilution rates.


  • Virucidal Cleaner and Deodouriser Ready to Use 250ml
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  • Virucidal Cleaner and Deodouriser Ready to Use 500ml
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Product Information

This virucidal cleaner is designed to work against viruses, bacteria and fungi, and is a broad spectrum treatment that will be effective against many potential infections. This has rapid action, as well as a great detergent, so will actively clean the reptile environment, as well as protecting.

Ready to spray and go, this treatment will also work across a wide range of temperatures, which is important to ensure it is effective across all reptile habitats. Being non-corrosive at the premixed rate, this is designed to be sprayed and allowed to soak in for at least 2 - 3 minutes before being rinsed, although this can be safely left on to air dry naturally.

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