Komodo Latex Tropical Vine

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Komodo Tropical Vine is a bendable jungle vine made from latex which means it can be bent into any shape you want, allowing you a much better degree of control over how you want your reptile home set up!


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Product Information

Komodo Latex Tropical Vine is a versatile decoration for any vivarium as its latex design means it can be bent and twisted into any formation you like.

Komodo Latex Tropical Vine is available in three thicknesses and helps create brilliant jungle environments. You can keep the branch at ground level or you can twist it round perches and other decorations.

Chameleons in particular love climbing on these vines which have a very pleasing rough texture that is just like tree bark.


  • Small: 1.8m x 0.5cm
  • Medium: 1.8m x 1cm
  • Large: 1.8m x 2cm

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