Komodo Vivarium Lock

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Keep your reptile vivarium locked down from escape or from small hands that might want to get a close up of your reptile unsupervised using this Komodo Vivarium Lock - ensure your reptile home is safe and secure for your reptile, and for the sake of any visitors.


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Product Information

Keeping your reptile safe from escape and ensuring any children in your home can't get access to it is easy - grab a Komodo Vivarium Lock from Swell Reptiles at the best prices around!

The sliding doors of most modern vivariums offer great views of your reptile, but they can also be pushed open easily, either by children's hands of sometimes by your reptile itself, leading to unwarranted escapes and potentially harmful moments, but you can protect against all this with a Komodo Vivarium.

These locks are key operated, so keep the key on your or somewhere out of reach of children to ensure the security of your vivarium.

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