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Help and advice on shopping for: Vivarium Locks

Keep your pet protected

Grab strong and effective vivarium locks to protect your reptiles from danger and little hands. Our range of vivarium locks includes products from leading reptile brands like Exo Terra, Komodo and ProRep to ensure your pet’s safety from children and even themselves. These locks can be fitted to all sorts of enclosures, over both glass doors and sliding doors.

What are vivarium locks?

Vivarium and terrarium locks are just like any other locks and come in a wide variety of styles from coded locks to key locks. These locks are as strong as any other type of lock and can be used on most types of vivariums with a wide variety of fittings to suit different door designs, including those that have sliding doors and glass panes. The advantage of vivarium locks is that they offer your reptiles better security, keeping your reptile safe and secure.

How do you put a lock on a vivarium?

Most vivariums are designed to have a lock of some sort and will have holes built into them or some other space for a lock. Make sure you carefully read any instructions and study your vivarium carefully to find out how your vivarium is meant to be locked as the wrong locking method can cause damage, especially glass locks. A correctly installed lock will fit neatly and secure your vivarium completely.

Can you have a vivarium lock on a glass door?

Yes, you can have a lock on a glass vivarium door, there are both locks that prevent sliding glass doors from sliding back and locks that prevent two glass doors from moving apart. When installing a vivarium lock on a glass door, ensure you're using a locking method the door is compatible with.

Why should I buy vivarium and terrarium locks?

No matter how pleasant your pet’s enclosure is, sometimes curiosity is going to get the better of them and they might try to go for a little impromptu adventure without your knowledge. Kids are also prone to taking reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates out to play with them or show friends unsupervised which can lead to all sorts of accidents. Vivarium and terrarium locks prevent both of these incidents, ensuring your pet’s safety.

What are the main types of vivarium and terrarium locks?

Our range of vivarium and terrarium locks are best split into key locks, code locks and rubber wedges. Key locks are locked and unlocked by a key and there are normally a couple of copies of the same key in each set, so you can give them to anyone you want to have access to your reptile or keep a spare close to the tank in case of an emergency. Code locks require a specific code to lock and unlock, this means that you can tell the code to anyone you want to give access but it also means that no one without the code can get into your enclosure in an emergency. Rubber wedges are thin pieces of rubber that are installed on sliding glass doors to ensure they form a tight fit, preventing reptile escape and keeping the doors firmly closed.

What should I look for?

When choosing between vivarium and terrarium locks, be sure to look at your enclosure's door mechanism and choose an appropriate lock to fit it. The choice between a code lock and a key lock is mostly a preference depending on your vivarium or terrarium setup.