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BiOrb Earth Lock Set

Keep your reptiles and family safe with these accessories

At a glance...
  • Lock set for BiOrb Earth 125 terrariums
  • Two sets of locks and keys
  • Purpose built for the BiOrb Earth 125 making set up easy
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A great way to keep my Dart Frogs safe. Especially when there are kids around.

What is the BiOrb Earth Lock Set?

The BiOrb Earth Lock Set is a great purpose-built lock set for the BiOrb Earth 125 smart terrarium. The locks are specially designed accessories for the BiOrb Earth 125 that interlock with the smart terrarium's curved design while still looking sleek and in keeping with the overall design, allowing you to focus on the natural beauty of the plants and animals in your enclosure. Each set comes with two locks and two keys so you can lock both sides of the canopy.

Why should I buy the BiOrb Earth Lock Set?

If you own a BiOrb Earth 125 smart terrarium this lockset is purpose-built to keep it safe and secure. By locking your terrarium you can prevent any animals from escaping, and accidentally endangering themselves, or children from reaching animals and plants without supervision. As the set has been purpose-built it’s easy to set up and very secure, making this a great choice for BiOrb Earth 125 owners.

Can I use the BiOrb Earth Lock Set on an aquarium or thrid party terrarium?

As with the rest of the BiOrb Earth accessories and products, the Biorb Earth Lock Set is designed solely for use with the BiOrb Earth 125. This product shouldn't be used with BiOrb water tanks and fish aquariums or BiOrb terrariums. The locks are specifically designed to interlock with the canopy of the BiOrb Earth 125 and will not work with third-party products.

How do I install the BiOrb Earth Lock Set?

Installation of the BiOrb Earth Lock Set is very easy with the BiOrb Earth 125 terrarium. Simply hook the locks into the top rim of the terrarium then place the canopy on top and hook the other side of the lock into the canopy and close the padlock. Repeat the process on the other side of the canopy to fully secure it.





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