BiOrb Earth Funnel

An easy way to top up your BiOrb Earth 125 water tank

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  • Top-up tool for BiOrb Earth 125 water tanks
  • Red indicator shows when tank is full
  • Easy to clean and use plastic design
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Spilling and overfilling the BiOrb Earth 125 is a thing of the past with this handy tool.

What is the BiOrb Earth Funnel?

The BiOrb Earth Funnel is a small plastic top-up tool for the BiOrb Earth 125. The tool allows you to top up your BiOrb Earth 125 water tank which powers the misters to create humidity within the terrarium. The tool has a built-in red indicator float that allows you to see when the tank is full to avoid an overflow.

Why should I buy a BiOrb Earth Funnel?

Topping up the BiOrb Earth 125 water tank can be fiddly, there’s only a narrow hole to get the water in and it’s hard to tell when the tank is full or empty. The BiOrb Earth funnel makes the process a lot easier by funnelling the water into the tank and giving a clear indication of how full the tank is.

How do I top up my BiOrb Earth 125 water tank?

To top up your BiOrb Earth 125 terrarium with the BiOrb Earth Funnel start by opening the water tank cap. Insert the BiOrb Earth Funnel into the water tank and check the red indicator to see how much water is needed. Slowly fill the tank using the funnel until the indicator shows the tank is full. Finally, remove the funnel and replace the water tank cap.




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